15 Questions with Glynna MacKenzie


Glynna MacKenzie wrote and performed EHR’s new theme song, which you can find at the beginning of this week’s episode! Glynna was kind enough to answer a few questions so that we could all get to know her, and her work, a little better!!

1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?

  • Glynna MacKenzie: 

  • Canadian

  • 24 years old

  • Works in a library

  • Has a dog named Howie

  • Bakes bread and knits blankets

  • Still harbours a childhood desire to be an actor

  • Has a dream of doing nearly absolutely everything

2. How long have you been making music? How did you start making music?

I’ve been making music for about 5 years, although I’ve always loved singing and music. I was looking to go to college when I saw a brand new music program open up, so I thought I’d apply. I didn’t know it would be a songwriting program when I applied, but decided to try even though I had never written a song before.

3. What was the experience like making your EP “Ray?"

It was really exciting! I was lucky I was surrounded by colleagues, and people who supported me and went out of their way to help me. I learned a lot, and it’s lovely to hear the culmination of a lot of hard work (mostly by the producers, sound engineers, and musicians).

4. What are some things that inspire your work? (other artists, places, ideas, things, etc)

I love to look around myself for inspiration. I try to live in the moment enough to be able to see the little things in life that can be expanded into grand ideas or adventures. Often it’s nature, or seeing a little pattern on the carpet or concrete. One song on my EP was inspired by my nephew, who was born while I was in school.

5. Wheel of Time interlude question: Who are your top 3 favorite characters?

It’s a tough question. Nynaeve and Aviendha for sure, but the third constantly changes. Sometimes it’s Lan, sometimes it’s Androl, sometimes it’s Pevara, Galad, Gaul, Mat, or Setalle Anan. 

6. Do you have a favorite song that you’ve made?

It changes often. I think the one I’m most impressed that I wrote myself is “With Kind Regards.” It was a more emotionally vulnerable song, and I’m not a songwriter who can easily write her feelings. 

7. Do you have any music recommendations? What other songs/artists/albums should we absolutely be listening to?

I absolutely love Pigpen Theatre Company (I’m listening to them as I answer these questions!), and Noah Gundersen. I can never get tired of them. The soundtrack for the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis” is incredible as well. 

8. Do you have any book recommendations? What should we absolutely be reading?

Obviously Wheel of Time. Then East of Eden by John Steinbeck, and the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell (which are extremely different from the movies, and far superior in my opinion).

9. Wheel of Time interlude question: What’s a random Wheel of Time thought you have that you don’t usually see people talking about?

I have often asked myself what would happen with the triple bonding of Rand by Elayne, Min, and Aviendha, when Min dies. She has a normal lifespan while the other three all will live to be upwards of 700 years old (if unbound by the oath rod). Will Rand run off to die, or will they have to find a way to release everyone? I think most people don’t like to think of that, cause Min is such a fan favourite. 

10. Thank you for making the new EHR theme song! Is there anything you want to say about it?

It was a lot fun to write! A theme song can be very different than a song written for yourself. And I hope everyone likes it!

11. Do you have any advice on how to best support independent music artists, or how we - the listeners - can be responsible consumers of music?

If you are able to see them live and buy their stuff in person, it helps a lot! An independent musician makes a lot of their money from their live gigs and merchandise. It’s become a normal thing to stream music, and that’s totally fine, but if you have a favourite independent artist, seeing their shows in person, or even just buying their music would be such a great thing for them. Also interact with them on social media, and share their music with people around you. It’ll remind them that people are listening and care for them.

12. What’s a cause that’s important to you? Are there any people or organizations doing great work for this cause that we should know about?

The Gentle Barn is a wonderful organization that really touches my heart. They are a place that teaches children gentleness, reverence, and compassion for life by allowing them to interact with animals. The animals that live at The Gentle Barn are rescued from abuse and neglect, and cared for with a great deal of love. 

13. Wheel of time interlude question: How did you get into the Wheel of time?

I was probably 13 or 14 and I was looking for a new series to read. My dad had read the books years before and gave me The Eye of the World to read, and I just blazed through them. Then I got the audiobooks, and listened to them again, and it was enthralled all over again.

14. What’s been capturing your attention and interest lately? What have you been thinking about?

I was just thinking about how many cookies I can fit in my mouth at one time. I think it could be at least 4 or 5. Also what it would be like to fly.

15. Where can we find more of you on the internet?

You can find my music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Facebook Page (Glynna MacKenzie Music). And if anyone’s interested in my uninteresting personal thoughts and life, I’m on Twitter (@osendrelle), and Instagram (@ellisande).

One again, we’d like to thank our amazing Patreon supporters, who through their generous monthly support enabled us to pay Glynna for the wonderful song she made for EHR! Our dedicated Patreon supports make it possible for EHR to grow and get better each and every day, and we’re over the moon grateful.

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