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Just two hyper-critical English majors talking some pretty big game about Wheel of Time…



So what the heck IS Everybody Hates Rand, anyway?

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“I’ve never had people in my life to gush and vent about WOT with until I found this show - it feels like a conversation with friends about a beloved book series. 10/10 would recomend”
— heyitsmikaela on iTunes
Sally and Emily breath new life into the Wheel of Time fandom. They are funny and insightful and the show is a great incentive to re-read the series.
— Rubyseauxheaux on ITunes
“As someone who has read these books multiple times, I was surprised by how entertained I was by the first episode I listened to. The two ladies are super freaking funny and pull apart tropes, fantasy themes, and annoying character traits in a way that feels so real and make[s] you laugh the entire time. If you’re thinking about listening, do it. I didn’t think I’d find new information or perspectives on a long existing book series I’ve read so many times, but this was amazing and perfect and I hope it goes for the whole series”
— Amandangerous on iTunes
“Was looking for a podcast to accompany my latest read through (first time since high school - late 20s now!) - thanks for pointing out new and interesting details and not just being a plot summary. Keep it up!”
— Laura Sedai on iTunes
“Fantastic Wheel of Time Podcast. A fresh perspective on the characters and the story. Great as an accessory to a re-read, or as a refresher if you’re in between re-reads. Highly recommend!
— Zupka on iTunes
“...The two hosts are obviously good friends and have a natural chemistry. It’s easy to have fun listening when the hosts are clearly having fun as well...I have been reading and re-reading Wheel of Time for the last 13 or so years and my favorite thing about Everybody Hates Rand is hearing how the series is perceived by a younger (for lack of a better term) “woke” audience”
— ThePodcastEnjoyer on iTunes
“I love your podcast! It’s helping me to think a little more critically about the books, and you guys are pointing out things I’ve still missed despite being in the middle of my fifth reread. Keep it up! :) “
— the-woman-who-read-everything on tumblr