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Everybody Hates Rand is an independent podcast that we run out of our apartment, juggling, like Mat Cauthon does for children, the work of reading, recording, and editing with our full-time day jobs and the rest of our, you know, life stuff. This is only possible because of the generous support we receive from our listeners. If you like EHR, consider making a donation to help keep the podcast running at its best!

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With the support of our rockstar Patreon patrons and independent donors, in November 2018 we were able to get a pair of microphones —- something we’d been desperately needing since we launched Everybody Hates Rand in January 2018.


Ever get the bee in your bonnet to make like a Medici in 15th century Florence? Easy! Become one of our patrons on Patreon, and get access to lots of sick EHR bonus content.

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Since Diet Coke-fi doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well…

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Ah, old faithful. Trusty gal.

  • $5 - supports Libsyn hosting costs for one episode of EHR

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  • $50 - you SAVE OUR LIVES?

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Some of the best ways to support EHR don’t involve money at all!

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