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Episode 76: Is He Snek?

At some point in this episode, you'll hear a BEEP, and that is Emily derailing the podcast to eat her pizza. You'll also hear our Alt Shadow Rising Titles, our great Baz Luhrmann Circus Idea, and the return of Sally Googles Things.

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Episode 77: This is Sad Bornhald

Episode 78: Emily Forgets the Word “Video”

Welcome to chapter one of The Shadow Rising! We're inventing Lesbian Chess, giving you an EHR make-up tutorial, and making sure you know Gawyn has a journal, NOT a diary. Remember: Don't do war crimes!

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In this long episode (sorry), we're getting back to our roots! Sally has literary theory like intrusive fantasy and pathetic fallacy to discuss! Emily talks about the sequels to Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet" in excruciating detail! EHR's GREATEST HITS!

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